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Information on Global.
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Important: Some domain names may be classified by the registry as a premium domain name and will command a higher price. If you request a premium domain name we will contact you before completing your order.

In addition, the registry may at any time reserve domain names from registration or the sale may be restricted to comply with ICANN requirements.

All .info domain name prices include the maintenance and all other 3rd party fees during the registration period. There are no other costs involved when registering .info domain names, no transfer fees and no hidden costs.

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.info (.information) is a generic top-level domain intended for informative websites, although its use is not restricted. It was a part of ICANN's highly publicized announcement, in late 2000, of a phased release of seven new generic top-level domais (gTLDs). The event was billed as the first addition of major gTLDs to the Internet since the DNS was developed in the 1980s. The seven new gTLDs, selected from over 180 proposals, were meant in part to take the pressure off the overcrowded .com domain.

.info has been the most successful of the seven new domain names, with over 5.2 million domain names in the registry as of April 2008. In addition, over 1.6 million .info websites are in active and dedicated use with unique content. In the immediateaftermath of September 11th, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority switched to the easier to remember mta.info website to lead users to latest information on schedules and route changes on the area's transportation services. Spain.info is used by Spain's tourism board to promote visitors to come to Spain.

.info is an unrestricted domain, meaning that anyone can obtain a second-level domain under .info. As a generic, unrestricted domain name, anyone can use .info for any purpose, similar to .com, .net or .org domains. This is in contrast to a TLD suchas .edu or .coop, which comes with criteria. .info is the only top-level domain that was explicitly created and chartered for unrestricted use, though various other TLDs have ended up that way as a de facto situation. .info means information in about 37 languages around the world, and is a neutral name.

Afilias, the registry operator of the both the .info and .aero top-level domains, has been aggressive in its marketing of .info, with significant registrar incentives and outreach events.

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.info domains Background Information :

A variety of uses, many information, some held by speculators

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